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Smudge Herbs


Often folks make the error of only smudging with sage bundles.  Sage does clear negative energy but it works as a portal, often letting in more spirits than you let out!  These blends are designed for particular purposes.  They all begin with a base of wild crafted cedar, sage, and pure tobacco. 

Protection- Angelica is added for safety, invisibility, and protection.

Special Request- Sweet grass infuses positivity into the space and adds an extra prayer.

Gratitude- Maple (gulasetsi) is a spirit medicine and a beautiful addition to burn for gratitude.

For Healing- Lobelia (sahlol) is known as Prayer Plant or Indian Tobacco.  It is used for urgent prayers.

Specify which one you would like.  We believe that the prayers from the smoke lift up and catch on the feathers of the winged ones carrying them to the Great Spirit (Unegwa).  If you in a feather, take care of it, it contains prayers.  A feather may be left for you to use in smudging.  Look up the winged one it belongs to for further guidance as a spirit animal for this time. Smudging also clears not only negative energies from the space but also cleans germs and bacteria with the smoke.  Be well!