Always made in small batches with care
  • Calm Spirit (4 oz. Bottle)


    In Cherokee, the herb blends for physiological ailments contain four or seven herbs.  For spiritual use we put together six herbs.  This blend is comparable to our Stress and Blues for relieving anxiety but it is designed for the person who is already on pharmaceutical anti-depressants or for those who are healing from trauma or loss.  The hawthorn heals heartbreak, catnip helps put together spirit, maple is spirit medicine, lemon balm heals a shattered spirit, angelica is a protective herb and heals the spirit, and borage is powerful anxiety medicine while releasing spirits of people who have died and items lost.

    Contains: Borage, Hawthorn (unvtsadv), Lemon Balm (wadulisi), Catnip, Maple (gulasetsi), Angelica (amehah)